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"They are ‘SHAMELESS’, the authors who pay to be in National Bestseller list." - Prassant Kevin (Interview)

The day he released his debut novel, it was quiet clearly stated by him that he is here to rule the hearts and now with the announce of his second novel named 'King of Hearts', he somehow proves the above statement true. So here's the glimpse of the chit chat session we had with Prassant Kevin, who is all set to rule the hearts again.


Hi prassant, thank you for agreeing for this interview. Let’s start with a conventional question. Tell us something about yourself?

Kevin - It would be lot easier for me if you had asked me to explain myself in one word coz that would be; Storyteller. That is who I’m. I know nothing else. I am practically good at nothing else. It’s all about words, characters, emotions for me. Apart from writing, movies and music are two other pillars of my life.

When did you start writing and what/who inspired you to begin writing?

Kevin - I started writing from the age of 10 and left my schooling after i completed my tenth board and spent next two years in studying ‘Creative Writing’ coz I always believed that I’m a storyteller and that’s all I wanted to do all my life. I used to write poetry in school for other students who wanted help to impress girls. They often take my poetries and gift them to the girls along with chocolates. That was the major source of my ‘Pocket Money’ in my school days. And the best part was that most of the boys were successful in impressing their girls.

Honestly speaking, it’s the senseless Indian stories which turned me into an author. When I started reading Indian books (which I avoided for a long long time), I felt awfully upset and disappointed. Most of the ‘So-called-famous-authors’ were writing same stories (College romance/ teenage romance) again and again and were enjoying in making fool of Indian readers. It’s when i decided to bring out my first book, Pl Let Me Go’ as I wanted to give Indian readers something which they never tried or heard before; i.e, ‘Post Apocalyptic Genre.’

What prompted you to write such a different and unique novel when your contemporaries are busy in trying their hand at love and motivational stories? What it was like to write ‘pl let me go’ and from where did you get the idea of writing this novel?

Kevin - It’s no secret that in our country people just follow ‘Bhed Chaal’ and that is one reason that every new author in this country wants to be Chetan Bhagat or Ravinder Singh or so on. Putting down 50,000 words don't make you a writer and the way it was and still going that 8 of 10 books are based on senseless romance that it made me completely fed up with the whole scenario. There is nothing wrong with writing romance but there should be some class and grace.

I always believed that writing a book is all about giving something to readers which can heal them, guide them, help them discover their lost path or may give them enough strength to face their own demons and fears. And ‘Pl let me go’ was doing all those things to me. And it was one of those stories which I always wanted to read but couldn't as everyone was busy writing stories to impress the teenagers. So, I can say that I wrote my first book coz I wanted to read it.

Aditya and vaani , both appear like epitomes of love, pain and sacrifice. What do you have to say on this? What is your take on love?

Kevin - Love is all about courage and has nothing to do with desires but unfortunately people believes it vice versa. Aaditya and Vaani were ordinary people who became extraordinary when time and destiny tested them. Through them , i wanted to convey one simple message, and that is without pain and sacrifice, there will be no love. They are the shadows of love. Greater the love, bigger the sacrifice would be; that’s how it goes.

My idea of love is simple- You cannot find love, love will find you. Love will always come to those who will have the courage to sacrifice, strength to fight for right and wrong and willing to walk an extra mile without doubting or raising questions.

Love is about losing every bit of yourself so that someone else can piece their life together.

How did you handle criticism from those who did not like your book?

Kevin - It’s simple. I ask them to wait for my next book and then i forget all about it.

I have heard in today’s scenario, a mere 15k is what all you need to be a NATIONAL BESTSELLER. What do you think on this, according to you someone’s work/hardship should be appreciated or random stupid authors should be awarded with such titles. Comment.

Kevin - The ugly truth is they are ‘SHAMELESS’ the authors who pay to be in Nation Bestseller list are the ones who don't even know the meaning of ‘Bestsellers’. They are the ones who are making fun of Indian Literature. They are the one who had turned writing into business from art.

As we have seen, the announcement of your second novel created a sound buzz in readers [even though it is still in preorders], as is a much talked about book. How is your second novel different from the first one. Beside that you are self published and still you reside in thousands of hearts. How did you managed to get such popularity despite being a debut one. Would you like to share the mantra of your success with your readers.

Kevin - I can answer this question in just one word; Honesty. I am honest with my writing. I don't think about how many copies I will sell or whether my book will come under top 10 amazon ranking. I don't write stories according to market’s trend. I am quite a brutal writer. I only write what i feel like. I don't care about anyone’s opinion, thoughts or criticism. I only prefer to write stories which i think can help in healing a broken soul, mend a broken friendship, fill a void, help in finding lost love and smile and above all it should take a reader to a world from which they never want to return. I like to speak my heart out through my words. I want to write stories which I never got to read as a reader. 

Share something about your second novel ‘king of hearts’. How is it different from all the other novels available in market.

Kevin - There are two kinds of books; one which will bring smile on your face and then the other which will change your life forever. ’King of Hearts’ belongs to the latter category. The only reason I wrote this book coz I knew there are millions of people who fear to step out and fight for their dream coz they don't trust their dreams. This book is for all those people who live for their dreams. And i believe that if this book changes even one person’s life, it will do it’s proposed job. Most books in the market are there with the purpose to earn money and fame but ‘King of Hearts’ will be coming to change people lives, help them find their lost dreams, love and friendship. It will be there in the market to inspire people, make them cry and laugh, it will ignite the fire which is missing.

Describe prassant Kevin in 2012 and 2015.

Kevin - In 2012, Google doesn't knew Who I was but in 2015, It recognizes me quite well and that mean ‘I must have done something right, Isn’t?’ Haha.

What are the challenges to make someone read a book?

Kevin - You cannot make someone read a book, just like you cannot make someone love you. See, the thing is every good reader has a curious mind and also a greedy one. They always on the lookout for something new and refreshing. The name on the top of the book (Autor’s Name) doesnt mean anything to them. All they seek is a good story so that they can satisfy their hunger for good and extraordinary stories. So just like we cannot find love and love will find us, it goes same for the readers; we cannot find them as they will find us.

How has been your experience in Indian publishing industry so far and what all changes you want to make. Any bad/good experience you had.

Kevin - Our publishing industry sucks. They don't have any idea what they are doing. They publish stories which they think can earn them money. So they just publish any shit which their famous and bankable authors gives to them. I think they don't even read it before publishing those books. And in away it is right coz if readers don't care what they are reading then why a publisher should worry after all?

And this is one reason that most of the great stories are now coming from self-published authors. They write fearlessly, with complete freedom and do not bound themselves in any set pattern. I am quite certain that the Indie writers of this country are the future of indian Literature..

You have always been saying that king of hearts is a very different and a unique novel. Do you think readers will feel the same. What all expectations you have from this book?

Kevin - It’s a story of a small town boy who went on to become the most celebrated and powerful writer of this generation; it’s definitely the most inspiring, a brutal journey of a writer and how he inspired the whole Nation and changed the entire face of Literature and  redefined Love & Friendship. It’s something which is definitely one of those stories which had never been tried before. It’s fascinating, witty at the same time, heartbreaking, full of energy and fire. And so I hope that it will make a special place in peoples’ heart.

Would you like to share about your future plans with our readers/ or do you have anything in stores for our readers.

Kevin - Currently i am working on a book series. It’s too early to say anything but with time, I will reveal more about this book series. 

What message would you like to give to your fans and followers?

Kevin - I am truly grateful and thankful to my readers for giving me so much love and support throughout. I just want to say one thing, actually two thing-

First is that I will try to get better and better so that they never get disappointed in me and secondly - “Always keep your head high and courage in your eyes.”

 Stay Blessed. Keep smiling and keep fighting for your love and dreams.


That's all for now! You can order his book from the link given below.


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