Monday, 5 October 2015

No Vacancy for love - Book Review


A reserved boy, an extrovert girl, same college and small town..
It isn't a love story..but a story of trust, belief, loyalty and sacrifices..
No vacancy for love- unconditional feelings for a conditional relation..
This is a story about two youngsters-shabd and tanya and their's about a friendship that burns under the path of faith, humanity, decency and hurting decisions. It challenges the saying, if you're good to others, they are always good to you..if not today then wait for tomorrow..

Book review

Rare are some books which leave an impact on your mind and make you to think and ponder about the topic taken as the core ..such is a book 'no vacancy for love'.. the story revovles around the protagonist shabd and his college life has been defined in a very appealing manner.. one will feel the nostalgia of college days and wil relive all those stupid yet crazzy moments 
Different spices and flavours of true friendship, love and care, emotions, college life, trust, loyalty and belief has been equally blended and evenly mixed in this book..every posible memory a person gathers from his/her college life  is written impecibaly..
What i felt is there is just one drawback, in the whole story and that is the whole story moves around shabd and his achievements..and that will not leave a good impression in readers mind and they might get bored in between..

But overall in today's world, people are writing about how friendship turned into love, and how those people got married and settled, but this story has defined friendship in a very pious form and anuj has perfectly discern between these two relations and that makes this book different from all the stories available in market..
A must read for those readers who are bored of there monotonous life,get this book and dive into the old memories of college, which was full of laughter, happy moments and friends
A light hearted story accompanied with beautiful poems and shayaris..a must read for all the booklovers present out there.!

Rating : 3/5

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