Monday, 5 October 2015

confusingly interesting or interestingly confused-book review

Sometimes life comes with so many questions and less answers and sometimes with many answers for a single question..and either way you remain confused...

Confusingly interesting OR interestingly confused is such a story which revolves around 4 characters tik (pratik), kash(aakash), NP(aniruddha patil) and V.J(vinay joshi) best friends and those who know how to enjoy every moment of their life, this story begins with their school life and how after they completing their basic education go for their higher education in different cities.. 
And when all of them are dwelling theirselves in the daily chores of their life, story takes a u turn when vj calls all of them to goa for a secret..what is that secret? How that one game changes their life, what are their stories about? What they have been hiding behind their innocent faces from the past so many years ? To know answers of such questions, just sit in the slide and get ready to enjoy a bumpy ride of confusingly interesting or interestingly confused...
Pravin has done justice with the characterisation of the characters and has described them in a perfect manner. Some incidences are so amazing written that readers will actually step into the shoes of those characters and will enjoy each and every bit of it.. mix spices of emotions, college life and school life's fun-filled-crazy moments will make you recall all the old days and it adds to the strength of the book... pradip has done justice with the character kavya, and has portrayed it really beautifully, kavya's character will definitely make people ponder about the thinking of society and what all things a girl has to face to survive in today's world..some small points and incidents and the ending will make you feel good at the end ..

From the starting till the end of second chapter, i could not somehow relate these chapters with the book.
Pravin has to work on the sentence formation, editing was definitely an issue for me.. punctuations, grammatical mistakes and a bit slow narration of the chapter makes this book a slow entertainer and readers might loose their interest . editing could have been a bit better ( and that's not the mistake of the author ,editor please look into this matter ).. some of the incidents actually din't make sense to me and made me skip the pages..

Conclusion :

A perfect page turner and a book which has perfect blend of emotions, what adds to the beauty of this book is the narration of multiple love stories..title is apt, story and cover page compliment each other really well..this book holds an important aspect and will raise a question in everyone's mind about the money minded state and the state of today's society and will make you ponder upon just sit back and enjoy the life of 4 youngsters and just go with the flow and grab this book and have fun..!

P.s. This book is a total entertainer and pravin has marked his debut with a bang..kudos to the author for writing such a masterpiece... different concept and engaging ..

rating :
Coverpic/title : 4.5/5
Storyline : 3.5/5
Writeup: 3.8/5
Overall : 4/5

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  1. Good review. short, crisp and to the point. Good work Pravin and Tushti. In my reading list now.