Saturday, 10 October 2015

the pocket love stories- book review

blurb : 
ram falls in love with rich and beautiful tani. but tani doesn't like him at all. will turning points of their life bring them closer ? do they get breath of love ? to know, come join the most amazing love story of this year and dive in the real dilemma

review : 
the first and foremost thing i liked about this book is its size .talking about the story very usual one, a story moving around college life. ramchandra and tani's love story with some major twist and turns. the college life, crush-turned-into-love-after-some-bumpy-hurdles are the elements which will hook you with this tiny book till the end. this book can be of a great help to all those people who can not express there feelings to their someone special, i think this book will help them in conveying their feelings/ love. all over, this book is a symbol of love, and a couple will relive some 1000 memories which they shared during their dating-to-marriage-period

it couldn't have been any better. keep this tiny book ion your purse and whenever you feel pissed of, open this book and dive in through all those memories which you have made with your partner, feel them and fall in love with your partner once again

ratings :
book cover : 4/5
story : 3/5
overall : 3.5/5

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