Thursday, 23 July 2015

Strings of Love - Book Review

I would love to say thank you to Aniket Kapoor for sending me this book ..finally i got one anthology which had perfect blend of emotions and love stories which actually touched my heart..
But editor ' aniket ' kindly pay heed towards editing.. as it needs to get improved..
1. Ruchi Rai : a perfect story presented with equal quantum of emotions and well portrayed love story..from the beginning to its end , this story will keep you hooked up..appreciable work smile emoticon
2. Durgesh Shastri : simple , elegant story of infactuation and love at first sight.. readers will find it intriguing and boys can easily relate with this story smile emoticon
3. Dr. Prachi priyanka : unusual story line , perfectly written , different concept with equal priority given to each and every emotion...amazing story..
4. Divyam Kaushik : story of love and love making , perfectly protrayed , author has caught the right string and had written it really well..
5. Shravya Gunipudi : someone has said it right ' childhood love can never change , no matter what happens , childhood buds make the best of lovers ' and on this concept , shravya has beautifully explained it well .. good language , beautifull write-up , aptly described emotions ..all over amazing one..
6. Nitesh Chitranshi : wait for the girl to break up , and after it you can confess you love by applying witty ideas.. on this concept nitesh has perfectly combined the combination of love and friendship and bonding in a very appreciable manner.. one can enjoy this story and can find poping up emotions .. nice work all in all..
7. Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi : story of college first and first love.. apt story , perfectly portrayed .. how a man choose her wife when it comes to choose between her lost life and beloved wife..! Brilliantly written , all in all a great love story !
8. Akash Rumade : not everyone is destined to have love in his life on this concept and the author did justice to this concept ..all in all a good attempt ..
9. Leepi Agrawal : inspired from ' a walk to remember ' and written on the same concept in a different manner.. all in all good atempt and it could have been a bit better..
10. Elora rath : love story of a couple who are madly in love and finally get married , but god has its own plan.. a perfect blend of all emotions and a very nice story ! The language is simple and makes it a good read.
11. Sagar Gandhi : emotions gives the story a real touch. The narration of the story of crush , first love is however beautifull.. all in all a very beautiful story..
12. Lata tejeswar : love story of an army officer and a college going girl..effortlessly narrated . All in all it accounts for a sweet love story that is solely dedicted to army mens smile emoticon
13.Devendra Lingwal : falling in love with a girl on social networking site , bonding of friendship and separation , this story is a combination of these three blends . The story kindles like hidden romance in you making believe in virtual love too .
14. Sushree sangeeta behera : a perfect teenage love story , you will find it cute ajd the beautiful description ot first love will leave you spell bound and will leave you teary eyes..
15. Mohammed rumi and nabeela rumi : a father portraying love story to his daughter and showing his love for her mother is extremely beautifull.. one can learn the unique style of writing stories by this couple..amazing portrayed ..all in all a very heartwarming story..
16. Aarushi ohri : physical aid , or any disease can never come in between love , and this story is based on this concept.. you can find it intriguing . A good attempt
17. Manoj yadav : falling in love with a girl over a phone call after looking her profile on an online marriage portal , every man who falls in love with her wanna-be-life will relate to this.. simple language , brilliant write up makes it a story worth reading..
18. Zeenath Zaveri : this girl always leave me spell bound with her way of writing and unusual story line.. definitely her story will leave you teary eyes..
19. Ruchi Agarwal : very unusual story line , captivating enough that will make you believe in the power of love.. mesmerising love story..
20. Vasudev Shenoy : sometimes you have to wait for the right time to cupid stuck its arrow and this story is based on this very has left me spellbounded with his way of writing and portraying story..all in all a perfect story of friendship and couldn't have been better..
Rating - 4/5
I have deducted one marks just because of the editing part..otherwise beautiful one..!

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