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Interview with Aditti Gaur (Author of Adhira)

Another interview with another awesome author. Let's have a closer look at Aditti gaur's life, some personal and some professional stuff about her. It's gonna be interesting ride, so please fasten your seat belts. 

  • So, tell us something about yourself…
I was born in Delhi but my complete upbringing was done in Meerut (U.P) and right now I reside in Gurgaon with my life partner. I am a straight-forward person who loves to share views about everything I like; also I love listening music apart from writing. I have a past experience of working with a leading DTH company for almost 5-6 years. But then I thought that same 9 to 6 job was something which I don’t look for myself, so I preferred to choose my passion of writing & engaged myself in writing articles on my website.

  • Tell us about your school life and your college life and any one such instance where you realized that you want to be a storyteller/ writer.

There is nothing much interesting about my school and college life. I used to be a shy girl during those days. A little introvert person which I am still is. My reserved nature led me to the hobby of diary writing. I love to write whatever was circulating in my mind. I love to burn emotions in my diaries. Sometimes they are through daily routines and sometimes they are in form of poems. But, I quit my hobby some year ago when I got married. I never thought of becoming a storyteller or a writer until one fine day when my husband and I were discussing something and he instantly realized that I could be a good storyteller.

  • How did you come up with your current story?

This whole journey of creating and writing this book starts with a thought. A single thought which came to my mind when I was reading some newspaper article on the ongoing dilemma and situations of our women in society. A thought which makes me feel isolated from the society and its rituals. It’s not like I don’t obey them. I respect our traditions and our culture too. But, a thought always troubles me that why our women are still so vulnerable in our society despite of build-up such a respected position of themselves in this male dominating society.
My girl “Adhira” is nothing but just a face of a girl in our society. Short example of the complexities our girl’s are facing in today’s society and how they overcome from them.  I hadn’t penned down this story with the motif that someday I’ll publish this as a whole book. It was the decision of my husband, who thought that this story should come out and reach people. And that’s how this journey start.

  • Any one such thing/ place / person which inspires you to write.

My love for books inspires me to write.

  • Any one such review [negative or positive] which you will never forget.

Not any review. But yes, I am not good with my grammatical skills and my partner used to criticize me when doing the first editing. His criticism had done a major part in showing me the correct path to improve my flaws.

  • Is your story inspired by any person in real?

No, my story and the characters are totally a fiction. They only belong with the world I created for them.

  • Who is that one person who always pushed you to write and had been your pillar during your ups and downs? 

It has been and always be my husband, who cooperated very nicely with me during this time. He has been my first pillar of strength, motivation and inspiration.  

  • How often do you read and who is that one author who has inspired you to write? Or who is your favorite author?

There are many. Each one has changed according to the phases of life. Like, I loved to read Charles Dickens when I was in school. Shakespeare in my teenage days. And now, list gets increased with some more names like Sidney Sheldon, Jane Austen and many classic storytellers. They all are my favourite ones. But in our Indian Authors, my personal favorite is our very own Ravinder Singh, whose first book made me cry every time I indulge into it. 

  • If you have to define yourself in 3 lines , what it would be?

I think 3 words are enough for me and that will be… fun loving, adventurous and a book wormer.

  • What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to get into writing?

The best piece of advice would be… don’t chase to be someone else, be yourself. Each of us is unique. Show your uniqueness to the world. Make your own identity instead of fitting into someone’s shoes. Write with your soul because the words created by the soul reaches the hearts. Try to write in simple words because readers love them most instead of the ones whose meanings are either makes us run for the dictionary or Google.
  • Any suggestion or any message from your end for your readers or well wishers.

First of all… A huge thank you to those guys who purchased it or willing to purchase in coming days.
Just one request I want to make to my readers that please read this book with your heart not by your mind. I haven’t written this story to reach up to certain level or stand in competitions. In-fact, I wrote this to reach your hearts.

  • When you held the first paperback copy of your novel , how did you feel ?

That was an amazing feeling. It was like a dream come true. It was something like having a part of you is in your hand.

  • Do you wish to continue writing your current genre or will you change it ever in future?

I haven’t planned anything for future. It depends on the lovely readers, if they want me to write in the same genre, I’ll surely do. But as I said earlier I write whatever comes in my mind, so you never know!

  • Whenever you face writer block , what usually you do?

I simply surrender myself to music, preferably gazals, and get lost in their magical world.

  • Any one place whose serene beauty persuades you to write ?

I always love hills. Their serene beauty and serenity fascinates me.


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