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Interview with Diptendu Chakraborty (Author of 3 @ a Time)

A book that is creating lot's of hype and is currently ranking awesome over the Amazon's Indian Writing chart and is ranked 3rd amongst the top 50 bestsellers in a recent survey by an online magazine, '3 @ a time', is surely a book to look for in future.
Today we have a debut author, Diptendu Chakraborty with us to talk about his book '3 @ a time'. Let's have a look at it.


  • Tell us something about yourself and your background.

I am an author from heart and a marketer from soul. I did my schooling from various states of India since my dad was serving in the Army. I am the only child of my parents. 
Currently I am working with Toyota in Muscat.

  • When did you start writing?

Writing as a habit was cultivated since childhood as unlike others I was an extremely quiet and well-mannered kid. However, things and proceedings that i used to observe and wanted to express were actually conveyed through my pen on a diary which i maintained till my graduation. It contains all the activities, accomplishments, en devours that has happened throughout my life from childhood.
Though, I never thought that one day all my fantasies would be transformed into a novel but a little encouragement from my friends and my colleagues who read my short stories gave me the confidence to pen down a novel.
I started the novel in August 2014 and finished it by January 2015.

  • What type of audience you think will get attracted towards your novel?
Although my book is college based story, but there is no target audience for my book. “3 @ a time”. It has all the elements for the audience of all age groups.

  • What are the challenges that you faced while writing your debut novel?
The toughest part was to merge different stories together and make it a single story with some permutations and combinations.
Moreover, to describe some places in detail i had to personally visit those places and experience the aura of those places.

  • How difficult was it for you to balance your passion and personal / professional life?
All my friends and colleagues including my boss helped me a lot to fulfill my passion. So as far as maintaining a balance between my passion and personal/professional is concerned, I would say it was a cakewalk.

  • If you have to describe you in 3 words, what would it be?
Imperfect, Unfaithful and completely Livid. But people love crazy than being boring.

  • Any favorite scene from your book ? Why?
The entire book is my personal favorite. However, if I have to choose then the scene where all the three girls confront the protagonist and he’s left with no option but to face all three of them together.

  • What do you have in store next for your readers?
Currently I am working on a poetry book called "Lonely shadows". It consists of story based poems and i am sure i will get the same amount of love and affection from my readers as i got for my first book. However in future i would like to compose a murder thriller and diversify my inscription.

  • Who inspired you to write and who is that one person who stood beside you during your best and worst times?
As far as inspiration is concerned, I always looked up to Stephen king and Rudyard Kipling as my inspiration. My parents were always there to support me bad and worst times.

  •  Any one such review / any piece of advice you have received as a writer , till date?
I have received a lot of reviews till date however my favorite being given by a reviewer where she mentioned that “I would love to see a sequel to 3 @ a time.”

  • According to you , how important is the characterization of characters and book?
The characters of a novel are extremely important for the development of the story which follows up with developing scenes and the mind frame of the characters which includes their attitude, strengths, weaknesses and most important of all their ambitions.

  • Except writing ,what is that one thing which fascinates you the most?
Dancing and choreographing are the two things that fascinate me apart from writing. In fact I used to be a choreographer during my engineering days.

  • Tell us some of your memories which are associated with this book?
I had to visit the onsite location which included those of Khandala and Lonavla to experience the nature’s paradise and to formulate the scene between the characters for my book. Visiting those places was a fantastic and mind blowing experience in itself.
  •  What importance Do reviews and social media holds for writers?
Reviews and Social media are the two most important aspects which make or break a novel for a writer as audience decide to purchase based on reviews and social media acts as the best promotional and advertising tool for the audience.

  • Any success mantra for the upcoming writers?
Just follow your instincts to carve and compose your stories, articles and poems. Never worry about them getting published or getting good reviews, just write for the fun of writing and your follow your passion. If you have good story no one can stop your stories from reaching every corner of the world.

  • Any piece of advice from your end for your readers/ wellwishers/ friends
Please go through my novel and shower your love with your views and feedbacks. It will help me improve not only as a writer but also as a human being.


You can buy his book from given link:

Do come back to read more reviews and interviews in coming future. Till then, have fun.

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  1. Wow! Nice interview :) Congrats to Diptendu Chakraborty and His Debut work 3@ a time :)