Wednesday, 1 July 2015

First Job and Ten Mistakes by Uttam Kumar - Book Review

Usually it is said that 1st job is every person's dream and one has to be very precise while taking financial decisions..! The author has aptly caught the right string and has studied human behaviour very nicely ...
An individual ( who so ever reads this novel ) will surely relate to these mistakes !!
One can pay heed to these mistakes and can rectify the same , by focusing more on these mistakes...
My verdict..
The author has given 10 wise theories and gritties of the corporate world.. emphasis have been laid on all the levels of management and these theories are made by keeping all the levels in mind..!
The author has used simple language and is easily understandable . If one is joining his/her new job , he/she can use the following theories at the work place and hence will be successful too..!
All in all , uttam kumar has done a brilliant debut with this amazing book and i m sure he will hons his skills in his subsequent efforts..
Rating - 4/5 

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  1. Congrats Uttam ji for getting a good and honest review from Tushti.