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Interview with Uttam Kumar (Author of 1st Job 10 mistakes)

Seldom comes the book that goes out of context and delivers the best, the same is the book, 1st job 10 mistakes by Uttam Kumar. A kind of book that is getting great reviews all around and is being critically appreciated. So let's have a closer look at the book through the author himself, Uttam Kumar.


  • Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, My name is Uttam Kumar. Born Human trying to Be Human. I am post graduate in Maths. Staying in Goa. The only thing that keeps me moving is my desire to serve underprivileged Children. I am a businessman. Writing comes naturally to me.
  • So at what age did you started penning down, and how is it helping you today?

I was born in Punjab and have seen the worst phase in Punjab history, that of militancy. I was disturbed by the things happening around and wanted to do something but as I was just 7-8 years at that time, I was not in a position to do anything. So, only option was to pen down my anger and that’s how it all started.
  • Share your experience about your school and college life.

I was most boring student. For me School and College were meant for studies only. Quite late in my life I understood that those were years to be enjoyed with friends. Most of my time was either spent reading or helping other students in Mats.
  • How did writing happen to you?

As told earlier, writing was a medium for me to vent my anger. Then slowly it gave me a medium to interact with myself. Most of my initial writing was result of my conflict with Self.
  • As we have seen that you are associated with a reputed company and you are an active member of author’s ink, how do you manage everything so well? isn’t it hectic for you?

I have my own business which is there in 6 states across India. Also my NGO works in 11 states in India. But still writing is something that gives me a platform to develop my thoughts. My belief in life is that if you want to do something, you will find time for it. People who say we are busy, irritate me most. I feel if someone says No to you for something because person is busy, it’s not because person doesn’t have time, it means You are not a Priority for that person.
  • Are you a blogger as well? and if yes , then on what genre / niche do you prefer writing?

Somehow blogging is not happening to me. I tried many times in last 5 years but am unable to write a blog. But if in future I am able to, I will like to write about Underprivileged kids and Road Rage.
  • How has been you experience working with aniket kapoor and author’s ink so far?

Aniket ji is a great human being. He is young, energetic and passionate for his work. My experience says, he will become a name to reckon with in near future.

  • Tell us something about your debut novel ‘1st job and 10 mistakes’

During last 20 years or so, I have seen many people entering the industry. As Indian Economy was growing at that time, it was very easy to get a job. But then after 10 years, these people were either lost somewhere or were just sitting at entry level only. I studied the cases and found the common mistakes one commits. Book is just summary of these mistakes.
  • How much research was taken before writing this book?

Research spanned over a period of 10-12 years. And interaction with more than 500 individuals. The language of the book may seem to be easy, but it was intentional. The same findings could also have been penned in tougher Management language. But it would not have served the purpose. The book is aimed at all fresh entrants and it includes Rural youth also. So every effort was put to keep it as simple as possible. Also most of people don’t have appetite to read a 200 page book. So it required a lot of effort to keep the book as short as possible.
  • What is the reason behind writing such kind a novel only? in today’s time author’s are writing love sagas but you choose something really apt. Comment.

My attitude always guides me to swim against the tide. When students used to go for Engineering and Medicine, I didn’t even consider these and went for Maths. If, tomorrow people start writing more in this genre I may change to Love Stories.
  • What is in your store bucket next for your readers? would you like to share it with your readers?

Next is Anthology of Poems by around 40 poets from across India. I am co editor of same. There is One poem I have specially penned down for this book. It is already in market under title: Melody of Life. After that is a book on Road Accidents. I can assure it will be something we have never thought about.
  • Who is your fav author? Any one such book/ novella which is close to your heart?

My favourite author is Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. jawahar Lal Nehru. And the book I follow from Heart is “My Experiments with Truth” by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Any one such person who has been your strength from the beginning of your life to this time when you are answering this question.

MySelf. I interact a lot with self. Whenever in trouble I speak to self. All my secrets are known to myself.
  • Any message/ suggestion from your end for your readers/ friends/ wellwishers?

Always follow your Heart. Do what you want to do. Live Life don’t just Survive. Never worry about Future. Have faith in God. Wherever your life goes, God will be there before you. Never have expectations from anyone. Try to help the needy. And on top: Try to Be Human! Straight From heart!


So that's it from Uttam Kumar. Do follow the author 


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  2. Uttam ji is doing Ateee Uttam... Keeeep on doing more & more & more & more...... May God Bless You.