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Case file of the dead - Book Review

As its cover page says is a pure horror public anthology, published by author's ink, edited and proof read by the book bakers . It is a collection of horror stories written by some of the most versatile authors of india

1. The haunting tale by suhail mathur : the story is good . Language is better and the touch of a real incident makes it even more good . It has a good amount of horror and some parts are very scary .overall it was a good attempt and look forward to many more stories to the same author.

2. Lie thy soul speak by jonali kamarkar : the story is simple and good and the attempt of writing such a story was better.  At some points the story is hard to understand at some places but over all it is a good read.

3. The fragrance by nikhil upretty : the story is good , the ending leaves you with goosebumps . The story is engaging and keeps you hook . It was overall a very nice attempt of writing horror story.

4. A secret diary by surbhi sareen : the story is good with a tinge of revenge and mystery . The ending well, is very emotional . The concept of presenting horror is unique and the story is nice..

5. The white maruti by manish mahajan : writing style is good , story is conceptual , the idea of presenting horror is nice , ending is appreciating overall a good story

6. The dead shadows by samridhi sharma : she presents both the stories in a good way . Both of them being unique and scary . She writes well and had a good attempt in writing.

7. 23 minutes by finan mohamad : this is one of the best stories of the novel with the touch of apparition at every point. It starts well and ends equally well. Overall it is good.

8. Awoke by ruchi chopra : language and the story is equally appreciable. Overall a good attempt

9. Beyond time by sriramana muliya : it is only by the end of the story that you start to feel that the story is scary but the horror makes upto it . It is presented in a refreshing way, it is overall appreciable story.

10. Route 44 by anshul akhoury : this story is good and one can understand it easily . The ending is suprising and the amount of horror that is topped on the story is good.

11. The 3 nights by sonal parmar and sarika gautama : it is a good attempt at writing mixed with vengeance and evil deeds . At some places it lacks horror and is overall a very good story.

12. I am prepared by arushi ohri : it starts well but at the end you fail to understand the story . It is a perfect blend of nightmares and horror . It could have been better had it been more elaborate.

13 . The right hand by biswadeep ghosh hazara : story and writing are good but it could have been a more elaborate . At some parts it scares the hell out of you and is overall good.

14. The trap by kumar vikrant : at some places the story seems a fantasy  yet it appears real . It is spooky and presents the right amount of horror. And you will be suprised by the turn it takes at the last. Overall it was awesome.

15. Light and darkness by heena choudhary : at some places you fail to perceive the story as a horror fiction . The indulgence of social deeds in a story could have been done in a nicer way. Narration is good and some places lack paranormal thrill.

16. The unsolve mystery by sanjeeban nanda : a nice one with a great vocab and write up

17. Fear by nabeela mehmood and rubi mohamad : it is a good medical thriller topped with horror , story is unique , language is good. It was refreshing to read such a horror story , a good attempt.

18. Preying guest by sriramana muliya : based on today's scenario , it is a good story with vivid descriptions , it is very well narrated with right amoumt of horror and it was nice to read the story.

19. Pratiksha by aashi dahiya : language is good, but he story could have been proper and more elaborate ,in that case it would have fitted the frame i.e. provided by the story.

20. The ghost of a memory by jash dholani : it has a vivid description on human  nature ,it has sweet sentences providing the story an emotional background . The end is suprising ,overall it is a good suprising horror story.

21. Fallen leaves by vivek baneerjee : the story remains monotonous until the end but in the end it gets suprising . This story is cute and it could have more elaborate , thus adding more substance. Never the less ,it succeeds to impress you.

22. The shadowy twilight by srilekha chatterjee : story is great and the language is very nice , the touch of science makes it unique. It starts with a somber story and leaves you in horror. It was great to read a story which was too refreshing.

21. The dream caster by chandrapal khasiya : the story is more of suspensa than horror, although the things getting reversed by the end . It was a fresh attempt .it was nice and overall a good story.

22. Another world by deepank kanojia : this story is not that spooky instead it is a fantasy based story . It could have been better and more elaborate , never the less it is different from the rest of the story of the book.

23. The prisoner's revenge by akash shrivastava : the story starts well, but in the middle it looks like more of a revenge story which fails to express horror. Till the last this continues until the big turn comes .it could have been better with some changes it the story line. Overall it was a fair attempt.

24 . happy birthday by sriramana muliya : this story starts well and only at the end scares you. Otherwise it is a normal simple story which could have been scarier . Overall it was a good attempt. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this anthology..!
Rating: 3.5/5 


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