Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Footprints - Book review

Footprints, a short collections of poems, beautifully penned down.
As the name suggests, footprints is a book about women who have suffered beyond their flaws. Earlier in the past, women were have always been dragged behind and have never given an opportunity to come in front. Still even after been confined in so many boundaries, whenever any husband, man has got into any problem, women has always been their to come for there rescue. Various attributes of a women has been defined in the form of poetries, their growth, recognition or the love and their immense sacrifices. Poetess has written about freedom, eternal love and her holy flames, and the strings connected to lord ram. Seeking subservient perpetual voice of you. Sita is a perfect example of a woman's love for her beloved..! Through Poems like game, common loss, poetess has tried to put emphasis more on freedom, struggle, direction and the loss which every woman face. Women contingent march past is solely dedicated to all those women who are an epitome of bravery and courage and take these fierce steps to lead us into a new dawn.. Poetess has solely written about women and her sacrifices and dreams and you can find 29 fine pieces and can easily know the ups and down a women goes through and had been facing from the past so many years..! Poetess has just tried to make people remember about all these sufferings and she has succeeded in this..! And i must say all the poems are very well portrayed..! And i am sure she has a long way to go..! A very beautiful debut. Writing style : 4.5/5 Bookcover : 2/5 All in all : 4/5

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