Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Bhairav Putras by Suhail Mathur - book review

Very few time you come across a book that have the ability to stay with you forever. One of this kind of book is The Bhairav Putras by Suhail Mathur. This book takes you to the time of revolution when Indian decided to root off the Britishers from our mother land. The plot of the book is set in the year 1936 on the lands of village called Circa.

This book talks about the belief of Indians, the brutal behavior of Britishers against Indians, the planning and plotting of revolutionists, the bloodshed and the spirit to stand against the evil. There was not a single moment when your interest would lose off from the gripping storyline. The writing style of the author is like the flow of river; smooth and steady. The characterization is brilliantly done and you can actually feel the character around you while reading the book.

I would rate this book as 4.5/5 stars and also would like to congratulate the author for this brilliant masterpiece and would wait for the next bestseller from him.


Circa - 1936! While most of the India grapples under the rule of the foreign yoke, the small but hustling bustling town of Bhairavgarh, famous for its sprawling Indravan gardens, the swift flowing Mahananda, and the gigantic golden statue of Lord Bhairava, which has stood for centuries and had been the centre of attraction for invaders like Ghori, Ghazni, Timur & Abdali, suddenly goes through a transitional phase as the mighty Britishers set up their cantonment in the town. With events that unease, shock, and violate the sentiments and emotions of the townsfolk, one man - Keshav, the young & dynamic son of the local Zamindar, cautiously gathers a group of men from different walks of life and with different motives, and carefully and strategically plans the unthinkable, a revolution-a revolution to overthrow the Britishers not just by force or might, but also through wit & intellect!What happens when a group of men take on the might of the powerful British empire and embark on a journey full of action, adventure, planning, plotting, bloodshed, conspiracy & patriotism, to encounter four mysterious strangers, while in search of a long forgotten book written in the times of Emperor Ashoka, which holds the answer to several secrets, who turn & alter the course of the future events, even as the English are besieged with numerous problems ranging from the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, to Gandhi's ways & means of achieving Independence. Read on THE BHAIRAVA PUTRAS to know more about the classic and legendary tale of a band of men who defied the norms to fight guns, bullets, injustice, deception, and intrigue at every corner of their adventurous and thrilling escapades, to uproot the centre hold of dominance & authority, through mountainous terrains, dense & thick jungles, secret hide outs, and rivers in spate; which unfortunately got lost, somewhere in the annals of History !


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