Sunday, 14 June 2015

Review of just six evenings


This novel narrates a modern day love story loosely , based in the cities of Bhopal and Delhi -NCR . It is the story of ATUL who is socially called a below average student . The series of events which follow when he meets a naive ,intelligeng , beautiful girl named priya on his journey to his dream- destination . Cupid strikes at the first sight for ATUL which he dedicates his time to , totally unaware of the events which a meeting that barely lasted for half a day would bring atul chases his dreams , simultaneously making things easier for his lady love . They meet in bhopal for 6 days and romance , lust ,misinterpretations , betrayal and eventually seperation follow . ATUL loses some of his loved ones but moves on to make it big. Climbing on the steps of success , one by one , atul gets what he wants - power , money , reputation and grandeur , not to mention his inner peace on one of his projects he meets his long lost lady love - priya , but she is not the same anymore . She has picked up the broken pieces of her heart , nursed her heart , moved ahead and has become a high - profile corporate woman who refuses to give up on her self - esteem. Both reconcile with atul again shattering priya for reasons best beneficial to his seniors .. but his shoulders refuse to carry the burden of his mistakes and he confesses his deeds to priya , who gets another blow and loses her faith. Atul is handcuffed and put behind the bars , but as destiny would have it , he is helped by his dear friends and things fall right in place giving way to what is termed as 'HAPPY ENDING' 

Positive aspects !

The exploration of human aspects in a vivid manner is the finest trait of this book . It is written in such a manner that even a new reader would find it interesting . Adding to the glory of the book are the common-life aspects and practical situations which the author effortlessly narrates . It has a blend of various emotions in it which makes it relatable..
Negative aspects !
The book belonging to no glare is the highly noticeable fault lacks fascination in the middle . The in-depth explanation of the tactics and terms of the corporate world may not engage everyone . At some places the book turns predictable.
My verdict..

      A  coin has 2 sides . Similarly there are both negative and positive aspects of a thing. In nutshell this book can be read by anyone who belongs to the corporate world. It has a good start and ends regularly . It can be read while travelling or when you are pissed off. It kind of revives you and the conversations between the guruji and his shishyas provides you a new insight into life , some of the lines may change your thinking . All in all this book will enhance your way of looking at things and you will ( if ready ) come out as a new person ..

Rating - 4/5

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