Saturday, 27 June 2015

Review of Pl Let Me Go

This book loosely narrates the love story of 2 people who wander in a lost country, finding meaning and a ray of hope. The story is set against the world that has 98% of its earthlings wiped out due to a terrible plague. One of the unfortunate survivors embarks on a journey to find out people like him and trembles upon a maiden - Vaani. 
Not knowing the dark secrets that each of them hold, they befriend each other after vaani saves aditya's life and set out to find vaani's dead mother's long lost love. In the journey to follow they accomplish a mission, with the two becoming one on aditya's birthday, but vaani soon leaves him without telling him what is holding her back. 
3 years later they both unite, only to learn that it was vaani who killed aditya's parents in a car accident. Aditya shattered on learning the the truth but he can't help loving vaani and saving her from all the woes.
This story ends with aditya sacrificing his love and life for vaani.
Effortless narrations, beautiful descriptions, mystery, suspense, and a heart rendering love story make the page a page turner. The concept is unique and one of its kind. The way in which Kevin describes the horror of his homeland, sometimes sends chills down your spine. This is a story that will linger in your mind even after reading it. It couldn't have got any better. All in all you will love to read the book, time and again due to the turns and its story which is full of life. Thoroughly loved the book.!
Rating 4.5/5!

About the Book

Aaditya Jaiswal is one of the last few thousand survivors of a deadly plague which has wiped out ninety-five percent of the world’s population. The remaining people have been infected and have become zombies.

Aaditya’s life makes for a drastic change when he falls in love with a girl, Vaani, who has been missing since the outbreak of the plague. He now embarks on an extraordinary journey of love, hope and war for survival. But Aaditya discovers that their love will not be the same, for there are secrets, mysteries and dangers involving Vaani and her past life.

Will Aaditya be able to protect his love which also happens to be the last love story of the universe before Mankind becomes extinct?

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