Friday, 15 May 2015


First of all cngratulations to the debut author Ritesh Arora for writing such a gripping and philosophical love story..!
I have w8d for dis book from so long , and got it since a few days back and could not put the book dwn once i started reading it !
This man has actualy poured his heart out , the way he has portrayed his characters is simply phenomenal , the transformation of sarthak from a carefree person to a responsible man , the typical yet sweet punjabi mom , the bful bond of friendship , the beautiful partner sarangi , ol the characters are bfuly scripted .
This book is actualy inspired from life more dan friction . This story made me tickle and in d end left me teary eyed..
U cn actualy step into the shoes of the characters while reading it n experience the roler coaster ride ..n m sure dis buk is gng to make u a bit stronger and wil surely give u the strength to understnd weakness..
Those who r in love wil actualy start trusting dis pious relationship a bit more aftr readin dis book:)

Yes there is a bit sense to life and i've apreciated life a bit more post reading..this book is the essence of life and m sure u gona apreciate love , life , friendship , sacrifices a bit more !
The ones who have been in love must give it a read to witness dat feeling once again ..

Yes ritesh arora nailed it in his first book itslf  :)  n i m eagerly w8ng for his second book
And the ones who are looking for a gud novel , kindly read dis buk..the one who is good inside can only come up with such a good novel.
Overall , catchy line , new story line , gud jokes is an interstng way of catching the reader's atention , i throughly enjoyed it ..

I've learned to apreciate love :)  i learnt yes handling life is not so easy and sometimes are good deeds help us to overcome hurdles too
wel hope u guys learn hel lota things too !

RATING - 4.5/5

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