Monday, 23 February 2015

Interview with Sonika Niti Ma'am

Sonika Niti is a parvenu in the literary field , born for writing and with her skills she indicates that she is here to stay in heart of her readers ..
Age is no bar for this blooming lady author , over a cup of coffee we have a conversation with her about her life n what instigated her to set her feet in this world..

1. You might have been asked in many of your interview's but again i would like to ask you, what made you write??

Writing verses came natural to me, while I had been in school, I remember my first poem was on a sparrow, "chidia rani", now it's been almost four good years I m taking poetry writing more seriously n write on regular basis...

2. In your poem 'ruh' , i felt that pain and grief in your words ? Is their any specific incident which is related to that feeling ?

Pain n pleasure are a regular feelings of the soul, its a deep felt sorrow when I lost my son, I think about him a lot n write back n feel I'm writing his pain....

3. Post the release of khwaishein , do you have any plan to come up with some other projects ?

Yeah, I do have more plans , to explore more about emotions n feelings n put them in words.. 
4. When ever u start penning down , have you ever felt that words ain't enough to express your feelings ?

In general I write what I feel, n write in simple words.... Yeah, at times I feel I have more to express n words are not enough to express, and I m sure in that state, I have written best of my poetry ....

5. Who all are your ideals from the writing industry ?

I had always been inspired by Harivansh Rai Bachchan ji n Gulzar ji....

6. Would you like to give some advice to our debut writers ?
Writing is a bridge that bridges soul n life together, a writer should listen to soul n ovserve life's incidences, n be pure in writing... Things come out smooth n excellent..

7. Concluding this interview here , just one last ques , would you like to acknowledge someone or want to give credit to someone ?

I would always give credit to beautiful family n loving friends.. they have inspired n supported  me always ... :)

Love n regards 
Sonika Niti

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