Monday, 19 January 2015

Loose, but don't loose the lesson ..!

Lose , but don't lose the lesson

More often than we would like it , life tests us..when we think everything is on track
everything is going on smoothly , life tests us.. our patience , courage , bravado ,
perseverance , faith , belief , confidence , grip ..the test spares nothing..bares ol..wants
us to revisit our our priorities ..make amends..fill lacunae..shed old
convictions to make way for new...shake our thought processes to discard d ones that
r passes , fr those that are the spring the sound and aroma of boiling tea..

Life ain't a cakewalk , yes...but who ever said life is a bed f roses..! Go through d test
head on.. recognize d worst that can happen n be prepared for it..Run if u're otherwise
use to , if u otherwise run ..move out of your comfort zones..seeks new
heights..explore new away furiously at anything dat dares to be little're already prepared for the worst so u have nothing to loose..all that u stand a
chance of loosing is your fear...

Among the 8.672 billion human inhabitants as on 19th January 2015 , you haven't got a
clone..think about that one..! You are unique ..and so is your life...give your existence d admiration
it deserves...temper your days with some lil challenges and fest your nights with some lil thrill
A Tinge of risk, a crisp f punch.. gather every ounce f strength u can muster n go do 
dat one thing u've olwys wanted to do.. do wt it takes u to make happy...
This is a day dat won't cm all u want today as if dere is no tomorrow..
Yes u might loose , so what.. ? Learn d lesson ..and if u feel u had olready learnt d
lesson ...

Well life jstd wanted u to revise it..!